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Step 1 - Itinerary Selection :
SELECT :One Way or Round Trip or Multi Leg
SELECT :From Departure Port and To Destination Port
Number of Passengers and or Number of Vehicles
Press Search Departures to view the available itineraries

Step 2 Itinerary Selection :

In this field are listed all itineraries (one way - return or multi leg with the same company ).

Select the ferry company operate the trips and also Vessel name, Departure & Arrival date and time.
Choose the desired departure and press Continue

1) some itineraries for example Santorini Rhodes you can see SKY EXPRESS This is not a ferry is a charter airline doing charter flights at the Greek islands ,and most departures are from Heraklion Crete airport

2 If you want to return from another port, island or use another company, please fill out a new booking form, without selecting delivery method.

Step 3 Accommodation Selection :
In this step online booking system informs you about the available accommodation classes in your preferable route

2-bed, 3bed, 4-bed cabins are separated in male and female unless you want to book it all for your family.
For more than 6 passengers, please proceed again with additional booking.
After filling in the form for the 7th, 8th etc passenger, please do not mark on "delivery method", So you will not be charged again for the postage expenses.
All the above must be done on the same day, because your tickets are posted immediately

Bellow you can Find types and description details of accommodation classes. >
LUX 2 bed Outside with Shower
A2 2 bed Outside with Shower WC
A3 3 bed Outside with Shower WC
A4 4 bed Outside with Shower WC
A42 4 bed Outside with Shower WC For double use
A43 4 bed Outside with Shower WC For triple use
A44 4 bedOutside with Shower WC
AA2 2 bed Outside with Shower WC
AA3 3 bed Outside with Shower WC
AA4 4 bed Outside with Shower WC
AB2 2 bed Inside with Shower WC
AB3 3 bed Inside with Shower WC
AB4 4 bed Inside with Shower WC
AS2 2 bed Outside with Shower WC
B2 2 bed Inside with Wash Basin
B3 3 bed Inside with Wash Basin
B4 4 bed Inside with Wash Basin
BB2 2 bed Inside with Wash Basin
BB3 3 bed Inside with Wash Basin
BB4 (4 bed Inside with Wash Basin
DK S or ATS Aircraft Type Seats
D Deck

Press See Prices
Step 4 Pricing :
See the cost of the reservation you made.
Press Continue
Step 5Passengers :
Fill in the fields with passengers data (up to 6 people) and vehicles -if you have)-details.
Press Continue
Step 6 Contact Details :
Here you can see the total amount that your credit card will be charged for.
Tickets cost and Service fee
Postage expenses depend on the way of delivery that you will choose, Click on the desired tickets delivery choice.

Check if you have provided us with your correct full address Re-confirm it when you receive our confirmation message. Pressing Book Now will convey you to the Secure Server of Eurobankfor your on-line payment with your credit card.

USFULL INFORMATIONS Frequently Asked Questions┬ ┬ ┬

One Way is a reservation for one leg/route only from Pireaus Athens to Santorini.

Round Trip is a reservation for two legs, ; returning to the port of departure,
Piraeus to Paros and return from Paros to Piraeus

Multi Trip is a reservation containing 2-4 legs/routes, e.g. Piraeus to Paros, Paros to Naxos, Naxos to Mykonos, Mykonos to Piraeus. These routes can be booked as one reservaton.
Our Booking System allows for up to 4 trips: exp
Piraeus to Rhodes, Mykonos to Santorini (Thira ), Kos to Santorini, Santorini to Piraeus. The only condition is that all routes are with the same ferry company. If one route is run by a different company then you can book this separately and the remaining three together (it is not necessary for the routes of a multi-trip to be continuous exp Piraeus to Rhodes, Mykonos to Santorini (Thira ), Kos to Santorini, the route Santorini-Pireus can be booked on its own

There are three ways to receive your tickets.

1 On the day of departure from the port office. HELLENIC SEA WAYS , ANES LINES ,MINOAN LINES , ANEK FERRIES ,CYCLADES FAST FERRIES , ZANTE FERRIES ,DODECANISSOS SEAWAYS ,VENTOURIS FERRIES ,SEA JETS ,ALFA FERRIES ,AEGEAN speed Ferries ,Kefalonian Ferries, ANE Kalymnou ,Blue star Ferries . Golden star Ferries,Nell lines,Aegean Flying dolphins,Minoan lines,
Lane Lines,Aigaion Pelagos Ferries ,Anek-superfast Ferries,
As soon as you have made your reservation you will receive a confirmation Email ,ensure that you have given us your Email correctly , with the details of your booking and your RESERVATION CODE. With this Reservation Code you can pick up your tickets at the Ferry Company Port office we advise collecting the tickets at least one hour before departure.

2 By Post Registered Express or by Courier.
You may choose to have the tickets sent by EXPREES Courier at your adress .Note that the courier does not delever post at POST BOX

The On Line System will not accept bookings that are less than 5 days before the departure date. If you wish to depart in less than 4 days please send the following information to SARANTIV@OTENET.GR and check your email frequently for our reply as you will be asked for your credit card details in order to finalize the booking:

1. Full names, sex and ages of all passengers
2. Dates of travel
3. Departure times and routes state ferry company if possible
4. Type of accommodation required
5.Credit card details for tickets payment

Our system is connected to the reservation systems of the ferry companies, so all schedules are automatically uploaded when the companies announce them. Most ferry companies announce upload their schedules 1 or 2 months in advance . For example if you are looking for a ferry in August you will be able to book around June Specialy the Dodecanesos sea Lines on the Dodecanese islands uploade schedules one Mounth before

As soon as you have completed your reservation you will receive an automatic reply via Email JUST make sure you have given your Email address correctly. This Email will have all your Booking details and your Reservation Code.
This means that your reservation was processed by our system successfully. Within 24hours though you will receive a second confirmation from us again by email, reassuring you that your reservation has been finalized and based on the method you selected. We will let you know that the tickets have been sent to you by registered mail or courier.

Geek main Ports
Piraeus central port of Athens departures to Cyclades islands ,Crete ,Dodecanese islands ,and Northe AEGEAN ISLANDS .
Rafina port located 20kl from Athens airport 15kl .Departures for Cyclades islands .
Agios Constantinos port 170kl from Athens ,departures to Sporades Islands
Patras port 200kl from Athens departures to Italy


Ferry Athens Piraeus to Rhodes
╗ Ferries Rhodes to Heraklion
╗ Ferries Santorini to Mykonos
Ferry Rhodes to Santorini
Ferry Heraklion to Santorini Thira
Ferry Rhodes to Kos
Ferry Athens Piraeus port to Patmos

Ferries Athens Piraeus port to Santorini
Ferry Piraeus Athens port to Heraklion
Ferry Athens Piraeus to Syros
Ferries Athens Piraeus port to Mykonos
Ferry Rafina to Santorini Thira
Ferry Rafina to Mykonos
Ferry Athens Piraeus port to Samos

Ferry Athens to Paros
Ferry Athens Piraeus port to Naxos
Ferry Athens Piraeus port to Ios
Ferries Athens Piraeus port to Kos
╗ Ferry Patras to Angona
╗ Ferry Patra to Venice
Ferry Athens Piraeus port to Chios

Ferry Athens Piraeus port to Chania Crete
╗ Ferry Athens Piraeus port to Karpathos
Ferry Athens Piraeus port to Amorgos
Ferries Athens Piraeus port to Mytilini - Lesvos
Ferry Athens Piraeus port to Folegandos
Ferry Athens Piraeus port to Milos
Ferries Agios Constantinos to Skopelos
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